List of 7 best anime shows for anime lovers

Finding the best anime show is really difficult nowadays. because of the variety of shows available. This is why I made this list of best anime shows that one must watch in this life once. All the shows that I am going to list Trust me I have watched them all and this is why I am suggesting this to you. Most of the shows are new and some are old legends but If you are new in the anime world you should start with these shows. These anime shows are the masterpieces of the anime world. So sit tight let’s begin with the list.

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Where can I watch all these English Dubbed anime shows for free?

here is the answer just click on the button down and it will take you to a safe and free site to watch anime for free. I am not promoting this website I myself watch all the best anime shows on this website. I have a lot of ads. SO please visit this website if you are 18+. And if you don’t want to visit this website then you can watch all these anime on Netflix. after all it’s your choice.

Here is the list of best anime shows

  • Naruto And Naruto Shippuden
  • Dragon Ball
  • The seven deadly sins
  • Demon slayer
  • Boku no hero academia / My Hero Academia
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • one punch man

These are some of my favorite anime shows which I have seen in last few years. If you are new in the anime world and starting to watch anime then you should start with these anime series. these anime shows are the best trust me. Some of these shows are even better then movies. You will cry in some shows and you will laugh in almost all shows. Its a different world. Just start watch

Here are all the details about the anime that I have listed above.

1. Naruto And Naruto Shippuden

There is not a single anime fan who does not know about this amazing anime. Almost everyone has seen this anime. It consists of about 220 Episode in its first season which is Naruto. A boy who wants to be acknowledged by his village and He has a dream to be the HOKAGE of the village name leaf village. he does not have parents or relatives. This show is based on a ninja theme where clans and villages fight among themselves. Just like every other show. But this show is just amazing. If you want to watch top-rated anime series then here it is.

After you finish its first season Naruto then comes the 2nd and the most famous anime series of its time Naruto Shippuden which consists of around 500 Episode. then there is an ongoing show linked to this one you can watch that the name is BORUTO who is the son of Naruto. I do not want to give any spoiler so just go watch if you are new to the anime world and haven’t watched this awesome series yet.

I never go back on my words this series teaches you how you can change your faith and condition by consistent handwork

anime shows

2. Dragon Ball

I think is the series that brought all of us into the anime world. Most of the people have seen this series but if are that exception who have never seen this anime series then what are you doing here just go and watch this series. these anime have more than 5 MOVIES and 4 seasons with a lot of episodes so it’s not a small series but it worth your time. It’s 100% my favorite and recommended to all the people who have not seen it it’s just best.


3. The seven deadly sins

This is not an old anime series its a new. There are 3 seasons complete seasons and I am waiting for the 4th to come this is a great series to watch in your free time there are around 24 episodes in each season so you can complete this anime series in a short time. It’s about the seven deadly sins who are a team of heroes or we can say powerful peoples who defend and fights against demons and angles I can’t give you all the details or spoilers Just watch your self and give me your review in the comment section. you should watch this anime it’s a fun and great story anime


4. Demon slayer

One of my new favorites this series has one of the best music and graphics its about a boy who trains and becomes a demon slayer. his family was attacked by a demon and most of this family was killed or I can say eaten by the demon he was one of the survivors. He then trains to take revenge and much more. It’s a small yet great series which you can finish in 3 days I guess. there is no release of the 2nd season but there is a new movie coming in 2021. great story, great fights, great animations. JUST GREAT

5. Boku no hero academia / My Hero Academia

It’s in my anime series of all time list favorites. This anime series has 4 seasons which complete and dubbed in ENG. it’s based on a world where all the peoples have some kind of power due to mutation which they call Quirk and people use their quirk for help as well as to destroy. you will love this anime. Go and watch if you haven’t

6. Fullmetal Alchemist

It’s a great story-based anime where people use science and alchemy to do different good and bad stuff it’s the are 2 types of this series 1 is this one which is old and have different endings. the other is Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood. The brotherhood more interesting and the ending more satisfying but it’s important to watch both the seasons to understand it more deeply.

7. one punch man

How does it feel to be a hero who is TO POWERFULL? this is a story of a hero name Sitama who trained himself to beat monsters but he became too powerful now he can beat anyone with just ONE PUNCH. it’s a funny and humorous story. It consists of 2 seasons both are complete and some more extra episodes for fans. I think I can bet that you will love this anime series for sure. If you have not seen this one then you have seen nothing.

Here is my list of best anime shows

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