5 Best Popular Life-changing anime to watch for Beginners

There are people who say anime is all about fights and violent scenes still there is more in anime to watch and learn. It is not correct that people think this way just by seeing some anime. there are many anime series that has a great story followed by great lessons that will help you in your life it all depends upon you. There many anime to watch in your life once.

These anime are very popular and their fan following is huge. All these anime are my favorites. For beginners these are must so that they can understand anime better

If you want to watch all these anime Dubbed in Eng. for free then here is the link to a website. Click HERE. I am not promoting this website. If you don’t want to watch on this website then it’s fine. you can watch where ever you want to watch.

Here is the of best anime to watch once in Life

  • Naruto
  • Dragon ball
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Death Note
  • One punch man
  • Boku no hero academia

These are some anime that according to me everyone should watch in there life time once.

Where to watch all these anime for free?

check Here

1. Naruto

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It is a story about a boy whose mother and father died when he was small and due for some reason everyone in the village hates him or ignores him. SO he wants to acknowledge in his village. which after some time becomes his dream that he wants to achieve. there are many quotes that a person should learn and use in his life. This anime is among my favorites and almost all anime fans have seen this anime and its next season and all the moves. seeing his journey and growth, what he achieves with consistent efforts and hard work is the best anime to watch for beginners. This is my first anime series which I completed and started watching anime shows

2. Dragon ball

I have listed this anime in my last post also. DB is a legendary anime series. I think this anime is the only reason 50% of the people started watching anime. the fan following this anime is really huge people love to watch this anime. I myself have seen all the series and season plus all the movies that have released it. If you are new then this one is a must to watch.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

this is a great anime which teaches us that if you want something then you have to give something of equal value which is called the equivalent exchange. the e series is based on this law. It’s about two brothers who lost something and to get that thing back they start their journey. there are 2 seasons with different ends. I suggest you should watch both the parts both have an interesting story and ending.

4. Death Note

This is a small anime series you can watch in 2 days. Its about a boy who gets a note. Which is called death notebook. If he writes name of anyone he will die. Its like he is GOD. The story tell us what happens when you have power of GOD. how people uses that

its a great suspension anime you will not loss interest or feel board anytime watching this anime. Its one of the best anime to watch.

5. One punch man

It’s most funny and amazing anime of all. I personally love this anime as it shows a story of a man who too powerful. he can win any fight with one punch. overpowered hero. this anime teaches us that growth is what we like and enjoy if you are the best or say most powerful then there is no fun in the t anymore. the show is full of funny scenes and excellent fights scenes

6. Boku no hero academia

this show is about how important dreams are and how much you should toward your dreams. this series is about a boy who want to be a hero but due to lack of power he was weak but still he tries. and after that things changes but he still need to work a lot to became a hero.

you can read more about these anime on Wikipedia there you will see all the seasons and movies. If you want to know the 5 anime movies to watch then check my last blog or

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