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Are you guys looking for android games the best for free? Then you are at the right spot.

Here i have listed top android games that you can play for free.

I have listed all the games on the basis of

  1. Graphic quality
  2. popularity
  3. review by other people
  4. Device compatibility

All the list is made by me on these above basis So if you have any suggestion please comment down below.

all the game are available for free on google play store

1. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

This game does not need any introduction. It is one of the most played games in the history.

This game have 500M+ Download on play store after launch. And more then 61M people have rated it 4 star out of 5.

So this game was must for us to include in the list.

This game is a survival shooter game on mobile. Each match is of 10min. where you have to fight against 49 other player to win.

Player choose their own way of play. you can jump anywhere and fight anyone as long as you in safe zone. It is typical battle royal type.

You can choose to play in 4 Man Squad with-in game voice chat., Clash squad,Or solo Duo. What ever you choose to play.

this game is free to download but there are in-game purchases to buy outfit and skins etc.

The graphic are realistic and smooth even on low end devices which makes it so popular.

The fan base of this game is getting bigger day by day. This is why it is Ranked #1 in Top Grossing List.

this is the main reasone that i have listed in the android games the best list.

If you want to play this game then can download it from play Store on you device. this game can be played on low end device.

2. Call Of Duty: Mobile

call of duty is a Action shooter game. we all know call of duty PC games but this time Activision Publishing Inc. introduced COD mobile version for their FAN.

COD game was released on 30-sep-2019. This game broke a lot of record after releasing world wide.

More then 100M+ Download on Playstore and 10M+ 4.5 star ratings it is peoples choice game.

The game is free to play on mobile But there are in-game purchase that can be used to buy skins and RP.

this game is designed to perform better on mobile devices. game includes lot of mode to choose from and enjoy.

There is 100 player battle royal just like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, It also includes 5v5 team deathmatch and SNiper vs Sniper battle. and more.

Graphic of this game is great as compared to competition. There are many in game customize options for gun dresses and many more.

Their are lots of call of duty tournament going world wide. with some giving 8cror+ price pool.

This game is compatible on devices with 3GB RAM or More it is not a small game. you need good device to run 60fps game

3. PUBG Mobile

This game need no introduction it is one of the most played mobile game in 2020.

It is a PVP multiplayer action shooter game. Its theme is battle Royal. Its PC version is also very famous.

More then 31M+ rated this game 4.1 star and this game have more than 100M download. THIS GAME ALSO HAVE IN GAME PURCHASE.

To tell you this game is my favorite in the list. This game is a highly hardware demanding game in the list.

And Now that 90fps is introduced in global version of this game this game is made for high end device.

this game have a lot of mode to choose from and play with your friends.

It offers TDM team death match and classic with solo,duo and squad options, then there is arcade.

TO PLAY this game you Requires a stable internet connection So that the game feels smooth and without lag.
otherwise it is impossible to play

for device hardware you need Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory. which is common now a days. If you have low end device please try PUBG MOBILE LITE.

4. Clash Of clans

Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some items in the game can also be purchased via real money Like Gold Pass every month. which there way to earn money.

to run this game you need Android version 4.1 or above this is not highly demanding so almost every device can run this game.

Clash of clans offer plenty of Features Like join a clan of a fellow player or of your friend. you can also create your own clan and play with friends.

This game offer clan wars where you as a team fight against other player across the globe.

Clash of clan is a competitive game and there are tournaments going on over the world.

you need Defend your village with cannons, mortars, and walls etc and have to attack others to upgread and increase your level

you can challenge your friends to fight. test your village, Friendly Wars, and special events.

this game is fun to play. this is why it is in the list of android games the best for free.

5. Rise of Kintgdoms: Lost Crusade

the game offers 11 Civilizations, 34 Heroes, Real Warfare

Real-Time Battles , Seamless World Map, Eleven Unique Civilizations, Exploration & Investigation,

Unrestricted Troop Movements
It is great game where you can create a king and destroy them.

there are real time battles and a seamless world map. you can compeite with your friends and have fun.

you need a lot of planning to play this game. all you need lot do is to create the best kingdom possible.

there are millions of player who play this game daily.

it is like Clash of clans but the graphic are different this is why it is in android games the best list.

6. Hunter Assassin

you can Control the assassin and hunt down your targets one by one.

Use your surroundings and shadows to stay hidden from flashlights. which will help you to hide from enemy

Targets with automatic machine guns can be lurking around each corner.

you need to Attack them swiftly So that do not spot you and also escape without being spotted by enemy.

Each target that you call drops valuable gems. that you need to collect.

you can Use the gems to unlock faster assassins. And complete the game.

it is fun game to play. and pass time. it is a offline game.

this game is really addictive, i my self played this game for more then 3 hour straight to finish it.

you can download this game from play store it does not require high end mobile. you can play this game on almost on every phone.

if you are using apple then please check these games all of them are available in IOS platform also.

7. World Cricket Championship 2- WCC2

Every cricket lover can now Play the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game from anywhere.

This is a game built for you the cricket fan!

You have loads to look forward to!

You can customize your players and cheer your team with customized banners!

Main Features of this game
you can play this both Online and Offline And 1v1 Multiplayer Online Rivals and Local Rivals

this game have more then 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions that enhance the game.

graphic of this game is really great. you will enjoy playing this game

8. Asphalt 9 : Legends

world’s best and most fearless street racing game.

this game i think all of know this game it is the best racing game where

you have plenty of options to play from and lots and lots of cars that you can choose from graphic of this game is really impressive

you can feel the speed by playing this game it is a highly demanding game so you need a really good device to enjoy this game properly.

I think this game is really android games the best of 2020.

this game is also free to play but there are ingame purchase.

9. Brawl Stars

It is a Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale for mobile users. THis is fun to play with friends.

you can Play with your friends or solo across a variety of game modes.

In brawl stars you have to Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets.

you can Collect unique skins to stand out and show off or you can buy them ingame. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse

their are new Brawlers, skins,and games modes weekly so that you can enjoy.

Highlight Features of this game

you can Team up and play 3v3 battles against players from across the world or against your own friends.

A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile.

you need to Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers.
their are new events and game modes daily. that you will enjoy.

you can Battle solo or with friends. you can Join or start your own Club.

there are options to Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins however you like.

10. Shadow Fight 3

this game offer a lot of fun time and battles where you have to fight other in 1v1 battle. It is really fun.

shadow fight 3 is new to shadow fight series with improved graphic and more optimized.

this is a story based game where there are 3 clans fighting over the shadow love this game.

you play this adventure game to end this war.

the Legion wants to destroy the dangerous energy to stop the war and make peace.

The Dynasty people want to use it for profit and craft.

You have to choose. Which side will you join? And your choices will affect the game story.

you have a lot of customize options you can choose your looks as well as fighting weapons.

you can Collect different weapons and armor to help you to defeat enemy.

So guys if you like this list of android games for free 2020 then please share this post to your friend and if you have any suggestions then please leave a comment below. I would love to help you by posting better article. Enjoy

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