Acer aspire 3 review | Ultimate Value Laptop Under 35000

Acer is a well known Taiwanese Multinational hardware and electronics company. which is known for its affordable laptop range. Acer gives the best value for money products to there consumers. recently I was looking for a laptop in the budget segment of 40K INR. the new Acer Aspire 3 which comes with the latest i3 10th processors which are best suited for normal users. there is a variety of laptops available in this price bracket. So we came with the latest Acer aspire 3 reviews.

IF you are planning to buy a new laptop in this segment then there are only three type of processor which are available in under 40K.

  • intel i3 10gen
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200u
  • AmD Ryzen 5 3500u
Acer aspire 3 review | Best laptop under 35000

acer aspire 3 2020

specs of acer aspire 3

Acer Aspire 3 Intel i3-10th Gen 15.6

  • 1.2 GhzGHz Intel Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor processor
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB 5400rpm hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Intel UHD Graphics Graphics
  • Window 10, Home, 64Bit operating system
  • 1.9kg laptop
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor with Max Turbo up to 3.40 GHz, RAM: 4GB of DDR4 system memory, Upgradable up to 12 GB
  • Storage : 1 TB 2.5-inch 5400 RPM,Display: 15.6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080, high-brightness Acer ComfyView LEDbacklit TFT LCD
  • OS : Windows 10 Home 64-bit,Graphics :Intel UHD Graphics
  • Weight: 1.9 Kg, Battery: Up to 9.5 hours

These are all the specification of acer aspire 3 which we have listed above.

Acer Aspire 3 Review based on our experience

I bought this laptop only for review. I am planning to review all the best laptops which are the best in the segment of 40K INR. This review is based on the uses and after checking all the reviews of this laptop online and offline.

so this review took a lot of time and research. and after full week of research then i am posting this review.

so that this post can help people who wants to buy laptop under 40K .

To them who wants to know about this laptop before buying them self.

i check on amazon this laptop priced under 40K so thought why not make a review about this laptop.

if you guys want to reviews like this then plz comment down the post SO that i can know.



The laptop comes with 15.6 inch full HD display. which looks great with the slim side bezels.

display looks great for the amount it cost.

after watching some movies and using from last week i can say that it is good screen.


the brightness is really great you will not face any problem related to brightness.


the color looks fine in the laptop. we can say it is an average looking Display which is normal for the price range. you can not expect all the best things at a low price.

so acc. to the price and comparing to the other laptop in the same budget.

It is great you will not regret it if you buy this laptop.

Acer aspire 3 also have feature they call it (THE BLUE LIGHT SHIELD).

It protect your eyes from blue light. SO having a feature like this is a plus point.


AS i have told you above it is a good looking display the only problem i face is bad viewing angels.

the person who is using it have no problem but the person setting right next to him will have to sacrifice some of the quality.

other then that i have no problem using this laptop the display is just good. IF YOU THINK A LOT

Processor and performance

This laptop is powered by INTEL’s latest Core i3-1005G1 processor with Max Turbo upto 3.40 Gz.

this processor is great for daily works and for normal MS works. you will not face any problem related to the performance.

you can not play AAA titles on it like GTA 5 which is old still i can not handle it.

BUT STILL YOU CAN PLAY SOME OLD GAMES LIKE MARIO WITH 60FPS LOCKED. there are some limitation of this processor.

this is not a gaming a laptop so we can not expect to game on it but if you want to play some game just for fun.

then you can play there are some games that is have tried on Acer aspire 3 like CSGO on 720P result ion and medium settings ( I AM A N O O B ) and some old games

that i used to play like resident evil 4 ( MY ALL TIME MOST PLAYED GAME ).

so there is alot that you can do if you really wants to do. if we compares to the other 2 AMD possessors then it is in the middle AS it is better then ryzen3 and some what equal to ryzen 5. so it holds a good position.

if you guys want to watch some unboxing or gaming review you can check it on youtube.

i have uploaded some videos related to this laptop.

this is where the Acer aspire 3 review will help you before buying.


this laptop comes with 4GB DDR4 and can be expended upto 12GB so we can say that it is future proof. this laptop comes with 1 TB 2.5-inch 5400 RPM Hard Drive.

which is acc. to me out dated no one wants slow boot time and a slow laptop so to make it fast laptop.

i purchased a 120GB m.2 SSD and installed it in the laptop to make this laptop fast. AND this made the laptop one of the best laptop under 40K.

for daily uses you are not going to face any problem. DO not expect to do video editing on this laptop as this laptop do not have any dedicated GPU.

because it is a mid range laptop targeted to students and office works.


The company clams the battery backup this laptop offer is upto 9.5 hours. which in my user experience and the all the research that we have done is not true.

i got a battery backup of 4 to 5 hours on normal use and for gaming it is around 3 hours.

which is really low so the only problem that i faced in this laptop is its battery backup.

which is not up to the mark ACER ASPIRE 3 is well known for its value for money deals.

and the price it comes for.

it really is a great laptop to buy. but if you are looking for a laptop for great battery backup then this laptop is not for you.

but if you are oK with the battery backup then this laptop is a good deal for 35K.

THE webcam however is disapoting to me.

It is of very low quality and it looks like a 5 year old webcam which acer have provided in acer aspire 3.

SO i will only say that the webcam is below average and i am not satisfied with it.

Keyboard And Track pad

from my user experience of acer aspire 3.

the track pad of this laptop is one of the best in the market under 40K i never had an issue using it the track pad is precise and really good.


the precision touch works like wonders and makes it an even greater deal.

THE keyboard is however average nothing spacial that i can tell you it is a good keyboard but nothing great.

after using this laptop for 1 week i can say that the track pad and keyboard do not have any problem and are great for normal uses.


acer aspire 3 is a great laptop in this price range. This laptop offers value for money.

if i compare it with the other laptop in this price range then this laptop is give us more feature.

the price of this laptop is 33K online and 33.5K in offline market as i want to many shops in my area to check the price difference in online price and offline.

IF you guys are from India and you want to buy this laptop then i will recommend you to buy this laptop online as the offline shops demands more money.

the company have provided us 1 year of warranty.

which is normal as all other laptop also have the same warranty policies.

so nothing to get excited about this. this laptop is realy a good deal you will get value for money.

if you guys want to some other brand laptop then there are links in the end of this post.

where you can directly check all the laptop yourself.

the list of link that i have added is made after researching all the online platform where you buy laptops.

this list includes all the best buy deals at the lowest price possible.

so do check if you want to buy other laptop but with the same specs


WHO should buy this laptop and who should not

this laptop not a gaming laptop so GAMMERS YOU MUST NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP.

this laptop is an entry level laptop mainly targeted to normal users like college students and office works.

After the COVID 19 situation this laptop is also great for kids.

who have online classes and people who wants a laptop to earn some money from home by doing some free lancing

this laptop is also great for people who have shops and want a laptop to store the data and accounts of there businesses.

this laptop is not in the perineum category so if you money and you can go higher then 40K.

then i will recommend you go for some gaming laptop.

because you can use that laptop for content creation.

this laptop is not meant for people who watch Netflix shows all the time.

people who wants a decent laptop under 35K and want to use this laptop for normal works then this is great deal.

you should not think twice on this topic just go but this laptop

i am going to give you link which will takek to directly to amazon where you can buy this laptop.

I have searched for hours to find the best deal on amazon. this product goes out off stock really fast.

so if you want buy laptop go to the link given below and buy your laptop and start something new.


Crucial CT8G4SFS824A 8GB DDR4-2400 PC4-19200 CL-17 SODIMM RAM

Acer Aspire 3 Intel i3-10th Gen 15.6 – inch 1920 x 1080 Thin and Light Laptop (4GB Ram/1TB HDD/Window 10/Intel UHD Graphics/Black/1.9 kgs)

Western Digital WD Green 120 GB M.2 2280 SATA Internal Solid State Drive

these are all the necessary links to the product.

you can check all the products. all the link are hand picked by me.

I have linked the best buy links where you will get the acer aspire 3 at best price and you can also check other peoples review.

all the links provided above are limited time only so check them out before the stock runes out.

If you Like the Acer aspire 3 Review then please make sure to check other blogs on our website.


you all know in the budget segment of 40K. there are only 3 processors options so i3 10th gen being the latest i chose to buy this one.

there are alots form other company like acer.

who are selling their laptop in this price range with the same specs.

so the buying process become difficult.

IF you have a company preference then you can go for any company but if you want your HARD EARNED MONEY well spent then you should check all the laptop your self and check all prices of all the laptop with the same specs.

then only you will realize how other company are charging more money for the same specs. these are the links to all the other laptop of different company with diff.

price having the same specs

Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch HD Laptop (10th Gen i3-1005G1/4GB/1TB HDD/Win 10 + MS Office/Intel HD Graphics/Silver) D560193WIN9SE

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i3 10th Gen 14 inch HD Thin and Light Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10/Platinum Grey/1.6Kg), 81WD00JYIN

HP 15s du2069TU 15.6-inch Laptop (10th Gen i3-1005G1/4GB/1TB/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics), Jet Black

HP 14s cf3047TU 14-inch Laptop (10th Gen i3-1005G1/4GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics), Jet Black

I hope you guys have checked all the laptop and found this review post of Acer aspire 3 Review.

if you guys found this acer aspire 3 laptop review post useful then plz support this website as we are working daily to come up with new contents which will help you in all possible ways.

if you guys have any suggestion related to this review.

then plz comment down or you can contact us through EMAIL. every single response means a lot.

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